Pre-Launch Offer

Note: This offer is not valid now. We will update this section with new offers soon.

‘Vichitra Games’ brings the one time offer for the users along with the launch of our biggest project. You can pay 20$ now and get all paid games for free next 3 years. Also you can enjoy all the free games launched by ‘Vichitra Games’ without ads for next 3 years. Your support will admire us to develop more interesting games. It will aspire us to experiment new things in bringing the treasure of entertainment for all of you. Vichitra Games always believe in launching games of distinct categories in order to serve users of different interest.

As we embark on this journey of entertainment, we seek your healthy response and active support.


Mystery Numbers – magic square

Vichitra Games presents a new puzzle ‘Mystery Numbers’. Inspired by legendary mathematician Ramanujan.

Ramanujan created a magic square using his birth date (22-12-1887) in such a way that addition of all rows, columns and diagonals was same.
Rohit Kulkarni found the mystery behind this square and created same kind of magic square using his birth date (29-01-1988). Rohit developed the algorithm and transformed this idea into a new puzzle. This algorithm can generate infinite number of combinations of such mystery numbers. Read complete story behind mystery numbers here.
This is a new and unique puzzle. It is a treat for mathematics lovers.

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