4 Car swap race – brain twister

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Vichitra Games brings you one more variation of color and car game. This time user need to deal with 4 cars at a time. With user friendly game play and interface, game becomes addictive and a time killer.
Vichitra Games team added few variations to our previous car game to make this game more challenging and addictive.
The race track is divided in 4 lanes. 4 lanes are divided in 2 parts containing 2 lanes each. User is provided with 4 cars red and green on left part, blue and yellow on right part. User can swap position of red and green car on left side of the divider. Similarly user can swap position of blue and yellow car on right side of the divider. User just need to tap on the left or right side of the divider to swap the positions of car accordingly.

Rules of game are simple-

Red car should collect only red objects, Green car should collect only green objects, Blue car should collect only blue objects and Yellow car should collect only yellow objects.
User earns 1 point every time a car collects the correct object. If any car collects object of different color then game overs.
It’s an infinite car driving game.

Interface of game is designed in such a way that the game becomes very user friendly and thus very addictive.

-Easy controls
-Only Tap is needed as input from user (and of course a super active brain ;))
-Competitive Leaderboard
-Challenging & addictive game play

Controlling 4 cars at a time can give a twist to brain . One who loves brain twist and challenging games can find this game addictive and time killer. Leaderboard makes this game more competitive and exciting. So your race is not against AI but its against real players around the world who are trying to reach at top place on the leaderboard.

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Download iOS version Download Android version