3 balls juggling

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3 Balls Juggling is a game developed and published by Vichitra Games. Its a hyper casual game.
Mechanism of game is very simple. User just need to tap to start juggling. User can get into the gameplay instantly.

How to Play?
1. There are three balls on screen
2. Each ball is given one number
3. User need to start tapping on balls in given sequence.
4. User just need to repeat tapping on balls in same sequence.
5. If ball falls on ground or if sequence of balls not followed then game over.


Its very easy but fun to play. You can compete with players all around the world and compare your score with them on leaderboard.

We are going to start a series of hyper casual games which are also useful in brain exercise. 3 Balls Juggling is one of the game in this series. If you play this game for 10 – 20 minutes in a day it will be a good exercise for your brain.
You can also learn juggling with real balls from this game. All you need to do is follow the sequence of balls and a lot of practice 🙂