Arya got to run

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Get ready for an addictive endless run 😤

Vichitra Games brings one more addictive and time killer game ‘Run Arya Run’.
As the name suggest its a 3D Endless Runner game where Arya have to evade from the monster which is trying to kill her with a single Blow. Run Arya Run comes with an Easy gameplay, Exciting and eye pleasing graphical effects and creative challenge which only gets harder as you progress further. What you have to do is Help Arya to make a path to evade from the monster. Don’t be lazy or the Monster will get her…

The story begins with Arya running from the monster which is trying to get her.
She got a magic wand from her lord to fight and kill the monster but she lost the wand in a pit.

Now the only way she can survive is by running away from the monster and her survival becomes a challenge without magic Wand. This survival game isn’t an easy task and Arya knows it very well…
Ary is running on a path and monster is following her. Some blocks in the path are scattered, all you need to do is swipe in correct direction and pull all blocks and create the path for Arya. User got to be very quick to create path for Arya.

In this endless runner game while you are creating the path for Arya you can also collect GEMS, those Gems will help you to continue the game in case Arya falls of the path. So collect them all and RUN for the sake of Arya.

You can score more and more points to reach top of the leaderboard. The ability of continuing with help of Gems, makes this game very addictive and time killer. User can spend hours in playing this game.


– Endless Runner

– Competitive Leaderboard

– Nice 3D Gameplay

– EZ PZ controls

– Awesome music

We got few feed backs from beta users:
One user said, “It’s a very addictive runner game. After playing for a while I realized that I am not able to go beyond certain points. I started using the gems I got cleverly and suddenly my score went above par!”

So bottom line is use all the gems you got wisely and improve your position on leaderboard.

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Download iOS version Download Android version